No# 1 Unlocking Source // You will see The Difference => Login and check detail.

iCloud Bypass 4 , 4s

Delivery Time: 30 min

Price: DA 14!BEY3CKwS!5OfP_9eNsyiCcwWKo-Rt6higItxPvRZnQg91GXN_8F4


iphone 4s

1- download 3utoos
2-install 3utools , open it and go (flash&JB)
3- now downgrade iphone to ios 6 (click download ios 6 then click flash)
4- wait tell download & installing complete 
5- now iphone opened in ios 6 
6-open iCloud bypass Tool and plugin Your iphone and click bypass Icloud IPAD2&ip4s
7- after bypass done (my tool show successful bypassed) then follwo this Video to fix bypass through sim pin locked
vedio link
8- dont remove sim pin locked tell finish all steps
9- now you can Update iphone ota to ios 8.4.1 (setting>>general>>softwareupdate)
10- after ota update done U must jailbreak iphone and download tweak ifiles then delete
11- now remove sim bin locked use yr device freely with untethered bypass

iphone 4

1- open ICloud bypass Tool and Click (Icloud Bypass Ipad2012&ip4)
2- now your iphone must be bypassed (After restart will relock need use my tool again but that time without payment)
 you can make bypass untethered by Jailbreak iphone through 3utools
 and download ifiles tweak go mobile source delete File